Getting Started


Before using Python library for, get API key.


$ pip install netlas

Or if you already have it installed and want to upgrade to the latest version:

$ pip install --upgrade netlas

API usage

Simple Netlas API example.

Send query port:7001 to retrieve all responses available in with port=7001.

import netlas

apikey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

netlas_connection = netlas.Netlas(api_key=apikey)
query_res = netlas_connection.query(query="port:7001")

CLI usage

Show global help:

Usage: netlas [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

-h, --help  Show this message and exit.

    count     Calculate count of query results.
    download  Download data.
    host      Host (ip or domain) information.
    indices   Get available data indices.
    profile   Get user profile data.
    query     Search query.
    savekey   Save API key to the local system.
    stat      Get statistics for query.

Show specific command help:

user@pc:~$ netlas query --help
Usage: netlas query [OPTIONS] QUERYSTRING

Search query.

-d, --datatype [response|cert|domain]
                                Query data type  [default: response]
-a, --apikey TEXT               User API key  [required]
-f, --format [json|yaml]        Output format  [default: yaml]
-s, --server TEXT               Netlas API server  [default:

-i, --indices TEXT              Specify comma-separated data index

-h, --help                      Show this message and exit.